Youth Aspirations

Girls and women should be empowered through adult/informal education education at all levels

To advance inclusive and equitable quality education that promotes life long learning for all children and the youth including persons with disability

To invest in the building blocks of opportunity and enabling environment for private sector job creation and public sector job creation

Establish an efficient and computerized job centres at regional levels for an initial 2-years and decentralize to district levels after 2-years.

  • Database on youth employment status in Ghana should be collected
  • Partnership to be developed with private sector under their Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) programs to co-fund the job centres
  • Creating a sustainable program to promote equitable entrepreneurship coherent with a long-term national development agenda
  • To develop a model intensifying government’s partnership with the private sector in providing entrepreneurship development
  • To synchronize Public-Private Partnership models with youth entrepreneurship programs
  • Invest substantial amount of money each year in a new Innovation Agenda to significantly expand support for incubators and accelerators, as well as the building of national network for business innovation and cluster support
  • Commitment to allocate 1% share of the GetFund to support youth start ups in all the 216 districts in Ghana
  • Commitment to allocate at least 5% of public procurement contracts to young entrepreneurs in Ghana
  • Support the establishment of National Youth Chamber of Commerce

To forge partnerships between producers and others along supply chains to enhance stewardship

To harness youth potential and innovative technology to do and produce more food with less input

To develop a YOUTH-LED food and agriculture system that is efficientmore productive, sustainableprofitable and provides food security, and economic stability to a growing Ghanaian population