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Engendering National and Local Level Conversations on Youth Issues ahead of Ghana’s 2020 Election

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About Youth Vote

In its quest to promote youth active participation and representation, the YBF has over the years undertaken several initiatives and interventions aimed at shaping and preparing the youth for broader future engagements. Beginning from 2008, these interventions have included mentorship and training interventions aimed at preparing and shaping the psyche of young people in a way that changes the narrative about them as foot-soldiers, voting machines and agents used to foment violent electoral battles and conflict under the initiative YOUTH VOTE which seeks to provide information and knowledge acquisition for responsible youth participation in elections, inspire the youth to participate in all political processes.

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Impact Stories

First Time Voters Campaign

My association with Youth Bridge Foundation has given me so much exposure, and contributed immensely to my personal development. I also volunteer with the Youth Bridge Builders (Youth Bridge Foundation’s student alliance body on university campuses)

Prince Boateng First Time Voter, Accra

Prior to casting my first vote in the 2020 Election, the information from political parties was overwhelming, and I felt quite lost. Thankfully, through Youth Bridge Foundation and Canadian High Commission's ‘First Time Voters' Campaign’ workshop, I learnt how to analyze the policies presented to make an informed decision

Sulemana Hamza First Time Voter, Tamale

My experience with the First Time Voters' campaign has boosted my confidence. Now, I freely share my thoughts on issues arising in my community during interactions with my colleagues. Thank You to the Canadian High Commission and Youth Bridge Foundation for this initiative

Husein Nina First Time Voter, Tamale

The Youth and Gender Sensitivity analysis session during the development workshops of the campaign helped me appreciate the stake that the Youth has in the country's development. I have become an ambassador for Youth development and take advantage of every opportunity to get my colleagues involved. Thank You Canadian High Commission and Youth Bridge Foundation

Collins Twum First Time Voter, Winneba

I will never regret my decision to join the First Time Voters' Campaign by the Canadian High Commission and the Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF). In fact, being associated with the Foundation is one of the best things that could ever happen to any young person. Not only have I been able to network with other Youth, but have also seen great improvement in my public speaking. As a Youth, I now have keen interest in governance. Truly, I am a beneficiary and a proud ambassador of the Campaign

Prince Amekor First Time Voter, Accra

Through the First Time Voters' Campaign, my perception about voting, and politics in general has changed. Now, I understand that it matters that my voice is heard. I appreciate the Canadian High Commission and the Youth Bridge Foundation for this

Adamu Fuseini First Time Voter, Tamale

Review TexBeing part of the First Time Voters' Campaign has really enhanced my understanding of Ghana’s electoral processes. This is because throughout the campaign, the leadership and project leads ensured that we were adequately informed, included and prepared. I am excited for all the activities post Elections. Thank You Canadian High Commission and Youth Bridge Foundation

Amoako Kwafo Benjamin First Time Voter, Sunyani

The Youth First Time Voters' Campaign has been a great journey of learning new things and meeting amazing people. Honestly, I would have been part of the indecisive Youth who did not cast their votes in the 2020 Election but thanks to the education I received on electoral processes, I made my voice heard. Much appreciation to the Canadian High Commission and Youth Bridge Foundation

Eugenia Yeboah First Time Voter, Accra

I was very impressed at the turnout and response of fellow First Time Voters for the campaign launch. It is an assurance that Ghana's Youth is interested in partaking in the electoral process. As an actress, I deem it very laudable to channel my voice and fame to equally important initiatives like YBF and CFLI's Youth First Time Voters Campaign. Indeed, we are the newest voices

Maame Serwaa Campaign Ambassador and First Time Voter

I have been visually impaired since childhood. I have often wondered to myself how visually impaired First Time Voters like myself will be easily assisted on the processes before, during and after Elections but thankfully, the Youth Bridge Foundation and the Canadian Government have thought of we, the young ones and given us this platform which seeks to build a more informed Youth First Time Voter population in Ghana.

Slyvester Acquah Visually Challenged and First Time Voter - Central Region

In Tamale where I reside, voting has been reduced to one of the many conventions among the people, with many Youth voting for particular political parties because of their family affiliations. As such the Canadian High Commission and Youth Bridge Foundation's Campaign has been a great reorientation for me. Now I am able to prioritise policies over affiliations like sex, religion and ethnicity

Issah Abdul Kadir First Time Voter, Tamale.

As a First Time voter, I am really learning a lot from this Campaign. I commit to doing my possible best to spread the message to my fellow first-time voters in the North.

Suleman Hamza First Time Voter - Northern Ghana

This Campaign has changed my perception of voting. I thought I had the Voter's ID card just for official purposes but after attending and participating, I am voting in this year's elections.

Martha Boateng First Time Voter

Joining the First Time Voters' Campaign has been very helpful. I gained so much knowledge before and during the electoral processes and was even able to educate my friends. The number of First Time Voters could increase if many of us had clarity on the processes and need to wield the power to elect our leaders, given its importance for our immediate and distant future. The foregoing makes the Youth Bridge Foundation’s First Time Voters' Campaign supported by the Canadian High Commission very crucial

Ethel Ashong Nuga First Time Voter - Greater Accra

I am a Proud First Voter and I want to urge my fellow First Time Voters to join the campaign. Let your voice be heard! A big thank you to YBF and CFLI. Continue with the good work

Haruna Inusah First Time Voter

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Youth Parity

 Based on comparative analysis of the 6th and 7th parliament of the 4th Republic, Youth Bridge Foundation observed a worrying trend of minimal youth representation in parliament and thus in July 2019, initiated a campaign dubbed Youth Parity to advocate for increased youth in Parliament. #YouthParity as a campaign is aimed at increasing the numbers of youth in parliament by asking for the spaces created for them and get them go for the positions available.

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